Barbara Bustetter Falk

Artist. Illustrator. Author.

First Major Retrospective of Paintings by Barbara Bustettler Falk Now Open

Honoring Barbara Falk will be on view at the Tucson International Airport through July 31, 2024. The exhibition is the first major survey of the artist’s work with 16 paintings that trace the artist’s career from early works in the mid-1970s to the present. Her daughter, Jenifer Fargnoli, coordinated the exhibition. “Arranging a retrospective of my mother’s paintings feels like unwinding a tapestry woven with memories and heritage,” says Fargnoli. Please check back soon for more information.



Real, imaginary, pets and magnificent beasts, animals are near and dear to the artist’s heart.


Interesting people, regular people, famous people, worldly people and people not of this world.


Disasters, miracles, curiosities, scenes of hope, scenes of horror and in-between scenes.


The country, the city, far-off lands, familiar places and places with stories to tell.