Pig and Beets

I’ve always liked pigs and have painted a lot of them. I had a show in a museum in Connecticut in the ’70s. A few weeks later, they had a fundraiser and asked me if I would donate a painting.  This is what they got.


I was delighted to see lovely wild cranes on a visit to Florida.

Luigi Fargnoli

French native Luigi lived with us while my daughter was living in Singapore. If we left him alone in the house, he would destroy it.


Lulu hated children and old men but loved everyone else, and otherwise was a very sweet dog.

Fish Pond

We had a large fishpond up in the Tucson foothills. My neighbor’s children brought by two fish that they had been given for free at McDonalds, and asked if they could put them in the fish pond. Next we looked, there were 85 of them. Later, herons stopped by and...

Freud’s Couch

Freud loved dogs. At the end of his work day, it seemed to me, the dogs must get up on his couch just as our dogs do.

The Greatest Show

PT Barnum was so afraid that people would forget about the circus in the winter when it was closed, that he had a man dressed in a turban guide an elephant through a field of greens so that passengers on the train riding by would be reminded of the circus. PT Barnum...

Bomarzo Animals

My husband and I were in Italy and went to a sculpture garden. No one knows who designed the sculptures. Two magazine articles described the sculptures. The authors described the large animal as a hound dog that had eaten its baby. This is NOT what is happening in...


Grusha was captured in Siberia and brought to Moscow to perform in the circus. He became the star of the circus but was miserable. One night his trainer had too much vodka and forgot to lock Grusha’s cage. He got on his bicycle and rode 25 miles before he was...

Cat on Rug

I worked in an art gallery where I learned a great deal about art. The owner told me that if you put two patterns together, it won’t work, but if you put three or more, it will work. I started painting 10 years later and remembered what she told me. This is my...


I love manatees and wanted to depict their home in the sea with the water hyacinths that they eat and a quiet sailboat sailing by in the distance.

Partridge in a Poire William Tree

Poire William is a pear brandy. Each bottle contains a whole pear, which is a mystery to those not knowing how such a large object could fit through the small mouth of the bottle. The secret is that bottles are placed over the pear blossoms which grow in the bottle....


Ganda was an Indian rhinoceros sent on a ship by the King of Portugal from Goa to Rome as a present to the Pope for his menagerie. The ship sank on the way and Ganda drowned. He washed ashore and a taxidermist of the Vatican Museum restored his remains. The fate of...

Four Sheep

I was inspired to paint these sheep when I saw them on a relief on Chartres Cathedral in France.


This was one of my early works. It won an award in a show. I painted this sheep because I thought he looked like George Washington.

The Storks of Merida

We went to Merida Spain to see the Roman ruins. I was distracted by a pair of nesting storks on top of an elaborate, colorful building. The storks were loved by the people who lived there, and all the visitors as well.


My daughter got a turtle when she was little and it died. We got another turtle but this time we called the Audoban Society to find out what we did wrong. They gave us the name of herpetologist in Westchester county an hour away. We were advised to feed him little...

Un Cheval Deux Chevaux

My first granddaughter was born in France. I painted a picture of a white horse for her. The pink car in the background is a Deux Chevaux, literally, “two horses”, which referred to its two horsepower engine.


This raven was an amusing character and I enjoyed working with this color combination.

Black Swan

Black swans are native to Australia and are the state bird of Western Australia.