America Mourns

Flags on every house in this New England town symbolize the mourning of 9-11. Flowers in the foreground  are anemonies, which have historically symbolized sorrow and death in art. The two shafts of rain in the background represent the Twin Towers.

Tsunami I

In retrospect, this early tsunami painting’s colors look a bit too cheerful to me, so I’ve done another.

Earthquake in Tucson

Around the turn of the century, a severe earthquake shook Tucson, Arizona. The shaking was so violent that it launched huge boulders through the air, which can be seen to this day on the road to Mt. Lemmon.

Fire in the Hollywood Hills

When I was living in Connecticut I was reading the New York Times one day and saw on the front cover a building in Hollywood on fire. I grew up in the area as a child and was very familiar with it. Among the people driving out to safety were my daughter and her...


Floods are a part of my fascination with natural disasters. This painting does not depict an actual event. It was how I imagined what a real flood would look like.

The British Burning of Norwalk 1779

During the Revolutionary War, William Tryon was the British general who planned and carried out the burning of towns along the Connecticut coast. Supposedly he sat on a Windsor chair on a hill and watched as the town of Norwalk burned. I’d been painting for a...

Tornado II

The first tornado I saw was from an airplane window. Twenty years later, I used the memory of that tornado to depict the one in this painting.


Mt. St. Helens in Oregon erupted in 1980. Everyone in the area was ordered to evacuate, but 83-year-old Harry R. Truman, who had lived near the mountain for 54 years, refused to leave. In this painting he sits in his Appalachian chair surrounded by his 13 cats and...

Tsunami II

I imagined a tsunami of the coast of California crashing in at night when everyone was asleep. I saw the house in the front on postcard. It was where Richard Nixon was born.

Chernobyl Fireball

The Chernobyl disaster happened in April of 1986. The people who lived in that region of the Ukraine believed that the apocalypse was happening because of a number of coincidences with the Book of Revelations. When the reactor blew it launched a fireball into the...