Title: Don't Park on the Roof

Author: Barbara Bustetter Falk and Helen Kandel Hyman

Painted By: Barbara Bustetter Falk

Published: 2007


High on a New York City rooftop Santa Claus slides down a chimney with his sack of toys.  It is his last stop before the reindeer fly him home to the North Pole.   But when Santa returns to the roof,  the reindeer and the sleigh are gone.  He takes off on a bus in pursuit and then transfers to a horse drawn carriage.  When the trail goes cold in Times Square,  he switches to a leaky party balloon for an air search that ends with a scary landing.  Even a tip from the  Statue of Liberty doesn’t lead to his reindeer.  Just when it seems all  hope is  lost,  Santa finds out that sometimes  the wrong road guides you home.

Don't Park on the Roof Cover