In the 20th century, when multitudes paid homage to abstract art, (and still do), archangels were critics whose messages served to warn, interpret, and guide the true believers of the art world.

This is one of a series of four archangel paintings. I read a lot of art criticism in the New York Times, and it seemed to me that if you slightly modified the description of the archangels they could easily translate to art writers and critics.

Michael, (Clement Greenberg), deplored the adoration of idols and led the faithful in a war of light against dark.

Clement Greenberg was a champion of abstract art. Here he hovers over the Golden Calf, about to destroy it. The calf represents the present adoration  of realist art at the time.

Title: Archangel - Clement Greenberg as Michael

Size: small

Date: c. 1990

Collection: The Artist