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October 9, 2010
Hello, I am using the picture Heidi to talk to a 5th grade class and I can not find any information about the photo or what it is about. Is there anywhere for me to get a description of what you intended when you painted it?
Pam Krombholz

December 17, 2009
i belive i have the original painting of hedi,i found it in my attic it has been there for many years,it is in great shape i am going to sell it.if interested please contact me 904-563-0696
Maddie Wilder

December 17, 2009
I have a Heidi painting. reply to: [email protected]
Maddie Wilder

December 7, 2009
I am also lookinjg for the painting of Heidi. Is there a site that I may view it? I love your work.
Jeff Spevtor

November 13, 2009
could you tell me the history of "Norwalk Revisited"
phillip minderlein

August 27, 2009
Barbara, do you sign your work BBF?
donna applegate

June 3, 2009
Feel free to edit any of my comments as the above was written in a hurry on my lunch hour from work. I know it contains typing errors too.
Cydney Nida

June 3, 2009
My question is did the actual bear that this story was written about come to be captured in real life less than three miles from home in the Black Forest where he was originally captured?
Cydney Nida

June 3, 2009
I work in a library and first came to know the story of Grusha the Bear from this wonderful book. Is it true that it is based on an actual Russian Circus bear that did escape riding his bike only to be captures less than three miles from where he was captured? I can'y find a way to contact the author , but if true, it seems to beg for the adult version to be written as a short sad the bear was not allowed to return to the forest he so loved in the REAL WORLD. Don't get me wrong , I still love and hold dear the children's version and lovely illustrations that go with it, for here is the inspiration and hope for tomorrow of a better world for all. A Fan, Cydney Nida 3615 Selk Fort Worth,Texas 76111
Cydney Nida

March 7, 2009
My all time favorite print is your 'My Garden'. I have had it for many years ; it has moved with us and had rooms painted to show it off. But, I have never found another one of your works [just found this site by checking the web]. Is there a lost of places who carry your prints?

February 23, 2009
Hi Barbara, I am looking for your picture of Heidi. I am giving an art class to 2nd graders and your picture is on the list. Very nice images! Yours, Ann
ann baldwin

January 22, 2009
Barbara: I was thrilled to find your website. I am the proud owner of the original of your oil painting "The Immigrant," and it is a constant source of joy to me. It was just on a whim that I decided to try to look you up, and I was so glad to read about you. May you have many more years of creative energy! Bob Burbank
Robert J. Burbank

August 2, 2008
I went to the American Academy of Art after I graduted High School and for a while worked for some commercial art studios. Now in this stage of my life I am collecting art. I have one of your signed and numbered prints and I don't know the name of it. It has the cat in pen and ink and the orange tree and the bird cage with a white framed window in the background. Would you be able to tell me what year this is from, the value of the litho and the title. Thank you for all your wonderful art. I appreciate your reply. Thank you, Betty Cohen
Betty Cohen

May 13, 2008
Hi Barbara, For the last 25 years one of your prints has hung in our house in Strathaven, Scotland - giving us constant pleasure (I don't have the title, it's the seated girl behind a row of cabbages with the yellow house in the background and white cat and pool) Could you give us a little info. on the original work. Thanks, Jim and Margaret Black.
Jim Black

March 22, 2008
Hi! My daughter, Emma Bustetter, is writing books... she is 6 and loves to draw... I was interested in talking with you ... I am married to Pete Bustetter (Stan Bustetter is his father) who is your second cousin????? We live in VA Beach... can you email me? We have your Grusha book and love your art. Debbie Bustetter
Debbie Bustetter

November 25, 2007
Barbara - your art is wonderful. I belong to SCBWIAZ and have written a book as well, the first of many I hope. As you know you can wallpaper with the rejections - there has been interest but I was going to use a local illustrator but most seem interested in no illustrator and choosing their own for the book. I was hoping you might give me some thoughts on publishing the books yourself. Do you find that the cost of self publishing outweighs what you can make back in sales? I own a PR and Ad agency in Scottsdale and can do my own PR but have checked into costs of self publishing and find they are really high per book. Can you give me any direction? I feel the book is worth publishing and am my own worst critic so I have taken a tough look at this - part of the problem with my book may be that the art is inticate and the cost of printing is very expensive. Any thoughts? I would really appreciate some information from you since you are publishing yourself. Best regards, Leslie Bay 480-585-3039
Leslie Bay

October 15, 2007
I am a committee member for the Parent Teacher Organization for the Cattaraugus Little Valley Central School with the charge to arrange for artists/authors to visit our schools for the 2007-2008 school term. The school district is approximately one hour south of Buffalo. I am curious to know if you would consider returning to the Buffalo area for such a visit and what the fees might be for such an event. I see that you will be at Talking Leaves this weekend (10/2007).......Our Parent's As Reading Partners Theme this year is fables so your new book would be perfect! Please consider this request and I look forward to your reply!
Mary R. Rolick