This a painting of a mural I painted on my drab, grey car, a Citroën Deux Chevaux. The mural was the first painting I’d ever done. The day that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died was the day that I finished painting the mural. It’s not shown in the painting but the real car has the words “Peaceable Kingdom” written in large letters on its side. For a while, I was embarrassed to drive it. Peace seemed so far away following his death.

Later, I wrote a picture book, called “The Faraway Car,” about the true story of my career, which features this car on the front cover.  The book has a page of its own on this website.  On that page there is a video of me driving the car in the Saguaro National Park East by Dan Davidson, who now owns the car.   Dan is a retired physicist and has beautifully restored the car.



Title: Faraway Car Cover

Size: small

Date: 2013